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"Home life affects the way a person feels at work, in school, in the community and in personal relationships. If you are not comfortable at home, you can't be fully functional in the world." ~ Kantrell, an Aeon Resident

Resident Stories

Aeon serves more than 3,500 men, women and children annually. Our 2,000-plus apartments and townhomes offer affordability to individuals and families earning low to moderate incomes.

James, Alliance Apartments

James found home at Aeon's Alliance Addition apartments in Minneapolis, which offers permanent affordable housing for formerly homeless adults. With the combination of safe, stable housing at Aeon and case management support by RS Eden, James maintains sobriety and is actively involved in his community.

Jenny, Clover Field Marketplace

Jenny found home at Aeon's Clover Field Marketplace apartments in Chaska, Minn. As a single parent, she was looking for an affordable, quality apartment home to raise her two children. At Clover Field she has found comfort, community and easy access to schools, work and other important amenities. She artfully juggles working full-time and keeping up with her school-age kids.

Formerly homeless Aeon resident finds home at Sienna Green in Roseville, Minn.Penny, Sienna Green

Penny spent nearly three years, homeless and living on the streets. “I had worked for 20 years and was married,” she said. After her divorce, she began to battle depression. She started drinking, which triggered mental illness. After four years, she lost her apartment. She slept in parks, down by the river and various shelters. “Being homeless does something to your soul,” she said. “I saw a lot of bad things…some happened to me.”

With the help of People Incorporated and a personal drive to turn her life around, Penny found a one-bedroom apartment at Sienna Green. It is one of 10 apartments at the Roseville property that are designated for adults who have experienced homelessness.

“I’ve lived at Sienna Green for two years,” shares Penny. “You meet residents in this community all the time… walking their dogs, grilling in the open space, or just sitting outside. People [here] really care.”

A formerly homeless Aeon resident finds home at The Continental Hotel in MinneapolisChris, The Continental Hotel

How can a choice to help a sick parent result in being homeless? That’s what happened to Chris, an Aeon resident. After Chris’ mother began experiencing serious health problems, he immediately moved into her home to help take care of her. But when his mother moved to Arizona to receive more intensive care and his plans to continue leasing her apartment fell through, Chris was left without a home for the first time in his life.

For the next six months, Chris spent most nights at a homeless shelter in Minneapolis. One day, his sister told him about The Continental Hotel, an Aeon property that provides stable, affordable apartment homes for formerly homeless individuals. Chris applied right away and has been happily living at The Continental Hotel since 2011.

“When you have a place of your own, it’s different. It’s your place and your home. That’s what makes it special,” Chris said. “Aeon is helping people find their way back into the community and into the world so they can feel proud again.”

A formerly homeless Aeon resident finds home at The Lamoreaux, MinneapolisRaelene, The Lamoreaux

Plagued by health problems that prevented her from working,
Raelene endured homelessness for six years. While dealing with a plethora of health issues that included hospitalizations, two surgeries and a severe anxiety disorder, Raelene also had to cope with homelessness as she frequently moved from one friend’s house to another. She moved into The Lamoreaux in September 2011.  

“I was 50-plus years old and I didn’t have anything,” Raelene said. “I knew part of my healing was going to be having my own place. When I’m here, I have the support that I need.”

After facing forclosure, a family finds home at Aeon's Ripley Gardens, Minneapolis  Tonya and Mary Kate, Ripley Gardens

Tonya re-mortgaged her house to buy a car that would accommodate the scooter she needed for her MS. She never imagined it would lead to becoming homeless. “I lost our home to foreclosure,” she explained. “I felt ashamed, like I should have known better.”

After being approved for a housing subsidy, Tonya and her daughter moved into Ripley Gardens. “Home to us means comfort, safety, a haven, my own little nest,” Tonya said. “Ripley Gardens helped us get to a stable place where we can dream about our future again.”

Aeon resident escapes homelessness and addiction at Alliance Apartments, MinneapolisFardeen, Alliance Apartments

After being laid off from his job as a welder, Fardeen didn’t know where to go or what to do next.  He found drinking to be the only solution to his problems. “The more I drank the more I wanted,” said Fardeen. “Alcohol seemed like the only thing that could fix my problems, but it only made things worse.” This addiction seemed like it was never going to stop. Fardeen realized he needed a change, and he needed to turn his life around.  He found a place at Alliance Apartments, which offers a sober environment for chemically dependent, formerly homeless adults.

“Alliance gave me more than an apartment – it gave me a place I can call home.” Fardeen explained. “This home has given me a sense of safety and community that has helped me get my life back on the right track.” Fardeen now plans to give back to the community. He hopes to teach welding and share his experience and knowledge with others.

Family lives life of stability at Aeon's Chicago Avenue Apartments, MinneapolisJama & his family, Chicago Avenue Apartments

Jama says he, his wife and children have prospered in the stability of their three-bedroom apartment home. Abdullhi and his wife, both refugees from Somalia, say it’s the life they hoped for their children. 

“Too many people have no home. I am blessed to have affordable housing,” Jama said, adding that his income from working at a rental car company would be stretched without the affordability Chicago Avenue Apartments offers. “We’re having a good life because we can survive.”

Lita and DuWayne, The Cedars

Lita and DuWayne call their one-bedroom at Cedars Apartments a “safe haven.” After being laid off from his janitorial job of 10 years, the couple lived with family for three years before finding a place they could afford.

Even with affordable rent, their budget is stretched thin.DuWayne works six days a week at a mechanic shop for $7/hour. He's rarely scheduled for 40 a week - making it challenging to afford bus passes, food and medical bills. At times, Lita has gone without her diabetes medication. Despite these challenges, the couple is grateful for their quality apartment. "This is our space. This is our home," Lita said proudly.

Edward, Allian
Aeon's Alliance Apartments offers sober environment for chemically addicted, formerly homeless adults, Minneapolisce Apartments

“As a young man, I didn’t know any better than to pattern my life around the things I saw: drugs,” Edward explained. He became a drug dealer and eventually went to prison. When he got out, he was determined to separate himself from people and places that would draw him back to his addiction. Edward applied to live at Alliance Apartments, which offers a sober environment for chemically addicted, formerly homeless adults.

“Alliance gave me a safe haven and allowed me to gain confidence in my new walk,” he explained. Today, Edward is in a job training program and spends time mentoring youth whose parents are in prison. “I am trying to give back to the same community I once tore down.”


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